Hi There.  My name is Debbie Kunesh.

I'm an Entertainment Writer and Freelance Journalist, working for publications such as The Daily Herald Time Out entertainment, Liberty Suburban Newspapers and Hometown Magazine.

I have a passion and love for the performing arts and entertainment, and from that love came a desire to share with you on the web, the amazing variety of high-caliber entertainment coming to both the city and the suburbs, and so I bring you Buzz!

My interviewing style has always come from my heart and with a high level of respect for the artist or individual I'm interviewing.

So if you're looking for the latest celebrity gossip or mud-slinging, you won't find that here. 

What you will find is entertainment news, where to see the shows, and caring, informative, in-depth interviews and articles with the people you like to watch on television, listen to the on the radio, see on the big screen or the performance stage, and quite possibly, even some of the people you know as your local neighborhood and business neighbors.

My goal is to bring to you current, relevant information and articles, with a heart.  A glimpse into the person behind the celebrity.

I hope you enjoy the information and the exclusive interviews here, and are able to come out and enjoy the entertainment.   

I also hope that you will support our local businesses that advertise here.


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